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Instructors That Care About You and Your Family

We are dedicated to making your experience in the Martial Arts a fulfilled one

     Our curriculum comes from over 30 years of experience in the Martial Arts and a belief that the Instructor must not only be Martial Arts experts, they must also have spent years acquiring the knowledge and experience needed to teach and motivate students to be their best.  The classes here at Valdosta Wing Chun Kung Fu are taught by Instructors who understand the philosophy of teaching as well as the art of self-defense.

Philosophy:     We understand that we are all individuals and become involved in the Martial Arts for different reasons.  To improve our physical health, to learn self-defense, to improve self-control, to meet the mental as well as physical challenges in our lives.  We believe one of the greatest gifts one can give themselves or their loved ones is a positive self-image.  We help a student build self-esteem in themselves by providing a learning environment where one can develop physical and social skills in a positive manner.  We teach our students to develop self-discipline in order to bring out the best in themselves and others.  Our systematic curriculum ensures our students become knowledgeable and skillful.  Simply stated – we are a Black Belt school.  But this is not all.  We teach our students to use what they learn in class constructively and defensively.  We teach them to use Wing Chun Kung Fu and or Tae Kwon Do training to help themselves and their fellow man and never to be abusive or offensive. Our classes are educational, goal oriented, realistic and fun. 

        Founded in 1997 by Masters Don and Patti Broussard of Valdosta Wing Chun Kung Fu is backed with  years of working with the community to provide the best instruction for both kids, adults and seniors.Valdosta Wing Chun Kung Fu provides top notch great community support. Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Valdosta Wing Chun Kung Fu has established a family relationship with our students that will last a lifetime!


         We also give FREE Self Defense to all Elementary, Junior, High Schools, to Corporations, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, University of Valdosta, Military Bases. These mini courses are about 1 hour long.  Call for more information: 302-824-1355  

       We have been in the all School Districts and for FREE, showing children on how to focus on themselves to prepare them for their DSTP tests.  We teach them Stranger Danger and How to defeat a Bully Without Violence.