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Location - 102 Penn Mart Shopping Center, Basin Rd.  New Castle, DE.


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We have a new SCHOOL STORE  and we have a new SCHEDULE up

           On March ,2010                 Master Donald Broussard Jr.    was inducted in the United Fellowship of Martial Arts

Hall Of Fame


  Excellence Teaching Martial Arts             Day Classes    

 Tai Chi - Chi Kung      Classes at 7:30am   

      Wing Chun Kung Fu           Classes at 9:00am and 12:00  

on Mondays and Weds days

***** SiFu has a direct e-mail Address for any questions please e-mail him at

SUMMER KARATE BOOT CAMP  - HURRY GET YOUR REGISTRATION IN ASAP - We only have 2 OPENINGS LEFT     -     we open at 6:30am to 6:30pm, go to left side menu and click on Boot Camp to get more information.

 Come in for 2 FREE Weeks of Classes - "Instructors that Care"


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Get Signed up for Our Before and After School Karate Camp 

WE ARE A STRUCTURED PROGRAM FOR SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN.  We open @ 6:30am, last child pick up is at 6:00pm. POC APPROVED! get signed up soon to get your spot.  Colonial School district Starts August 18th 2010.  .


      1 opening left

We are offering Iron Palm training 

A favorite of fighters, Iron Palm training builds hand strength.  The class is one hour of Wing Chun and one hour of Iron Palm training.  This intense training is given every day for about 100 days!  Please call Mr. Broussard for class and price information.

Private Classes with Master Broussard

On Mondays and Wednesdays call for info.
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For information on Talk Fusion call Master Broussard 302-328-3977 or email

Wing Chun Junior Dragon Video Series  -   Larp Sao Punch - Click here to view video   -  Fak Sao Form = Click here to view video,  Strength of a Lion Tae Kwon Do Video Series - Look in School Store to buy complete Level Videos

We are offering all business's a Free Mini Self Defense Course or Stress Management for their Employees at no cost. Call the school for more information.

Have Been a Approved Member of NAPMA since 1997 - National Association of Professional Martial Artists

 We have published some of our manuals, look up


Wing Chun Power Building Course click for info


      New Castle Martial Arts is looking for instructors to help us out.  Tae Kwon Do and Wing Chun experience is not necessary, but candidates should have some martial arts background.  Call Sifu Broussard at the school and email him at the above address for more information.

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